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Create opportunities by embracing uncertainty

By Inbal Arieli

Uncertainty has always been an inherent part of entrepreneurship. Nowadays, especially with stress associated with the global spread of coronavirus, coping with uncertainty is a critical skill for business leaders. Granted, uncertainty is not comfortable to manage, but it’s different when you embrace it as part of your routine. Israelis have learned to accept an unstable reality and with it, created a culture of adaptability and persistence.

In the past weeks, I have been asked what can global executives and teams learn from this experience? How can they best cope with our uncertain reality? My experience shows that at times of uncertainty:

  • Leaders who manage uncertainty are not afraid to pose questions. It is those who act in blind confidence that are usually afraid of losing control, and their need to provide an immediate solution merely intensifies an already stressful situation.

  • The ability to self-reflect and criticize is crucial. Executives who are capable of conducting critical introspection can differentiate events that are out of their control from events where they influence outcomes.

  • Strong leaders embrace our complex reality and are more inclined to reduce and manage the risks involved in uncertain situations.

So can a leader embrace uncertainty, ask questions, admit vulnerability and still be seen as a strong and confident leader?


HUB consulting has organised several live keynotes with Inbal Arieli, which were dedicated to European managers & leaders. Attendees have benefited from Inbal's experience and thought-provoking ideas, which helped them develop their innovation mindset and enhance their performance in unpredictable times. We will be happy to organise for you and your teams a private webinar in which Inbal will discuss practical methods for creative and critical thinking while maintaining effective communication under ambiguous conditions.

Inbal Arieli is Serial entrepreneur & tech influencer. Author, Speaker & Co-CEO Synthesis. Featured as one of the 100 most influential people in Israeli tech and as one of the 100 tech business women speakers in the world. Arieli is a former officer in the Israeli Defense Force, Elite Intelligence Unit 8200, she held numerous executive positions in leading Israeli tech companies, founded a series of programs for innovators, and is currently Founder and CO-CEO of Synthesis, a leadership assessment company.


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