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Systemic Change for Sustainable Impact

We have 20 years of experience of multi-level and cross-function programs of cultural change in large European companies that resulted in smoother operations across silos, renewed team motivation and new impulse for business.

Our methodology for fostering cultural change

  • We catalyse changes in mindset as roots for changes in relations, leadership and business. New behaviours stem from these changes in mindset.

  • To produce systemic and long term impact, we include in our programs both individual and collective dimensions

  • To close the knowing-doing gap and stand the test of time, we accompany participants to our programs not only during the phases of discovery, training and development, but also at the time of implementation in their business reality.

Learning experiences & Metaphorical journeys

  • Many companies are tired of organising nice seminars that boost people on the spot but don't trigger any change once back to work. 

  • In our learning experiences, participants are fully active. They discover by doing and feeling as much as by understanding and analysing. Meanwhile, their perceptions change, which creates real changes in behaviours. We have designed original learning experiences that help participants increase their awareness about individual and collective dynamics that boost performance.​

  • Our portfolio includes simulations, metaphorical games, role plays, learning expeditions, case studies, workshops, creative research, group dynamics and guided journeys.

  • Metaphorical approches, especially artistic expressions, are a great gateway to individual and collective change. Why so? By turning teams into actors rather than attendees and activating people's neuro-emotional systems, participants to these journeys discover and experience new possibilities that they wouldn't have imagined or even thought possible beforehand. Changes in perception are the threshold to changes in operations. The unique experiences that we have designed mix art, cognitive psychology, neurosciences, communication and change management and encompass artistic expressions as leverages.

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Success story


A large historic telecom company has suffered with adjusting to new trends in the market, among which the arrival of newcomers and harsher competition. After changes in the organisation that caused major troubles within various teams in the company, time has come to review the management culture.



To support a change in management culture with a special focus on four axes :

  • Reinforcing a client-focused mindset, which could be a challenge for this company renowned for its technology-oriented culture.

  • Bringing global cross-technologies and services answers to corporate clients, which could be difficult for a company organised in expertise silos.

  • Daring innovate and "think outside of the box" in order to answer the clients' needs.

  • Improving effectiveness on these three dimensions while taking care of people's needs.

Observed results
  • "New kick" for the business unit demonstrated through:

    • Smoother operations across silos

    • Renewed team motivation

    • Fresh energy and pro-activity towards clients resulting in new business

    • Feed-back one year after the operation from a large division top executive: "I do not know what you did to them, but they seem not to be the same people".

  • Extension to other units within the group.​​

Merged dynamics (detailed)
  • A program has been engineered for a major business unit then extended to others.

  • It included four levels of cascading down and was implemented as well to support functions.

  • It was co-facilitated by a team of five coaches intervening together.

Step 1: Setting the infrastructure. Working with the executive committee

• Consulting with a steering commitee dedicated to the project.

• Organizing a set of actions intertwined with business events and challenges.

• Coaching the executive committee of the business unit to prepare them for their specific role in the next steps.

Step 2: Second level: extension to top management

• Two-day seminar with executive committee and their first lines, with a total of 50 top managers.

• Design and facilitate a unique mix including: sharing information on strategy with the head of the division, collective creativity on implementation, live testimonies from clients, learning experiences related to each of the three stakes, team building and commitment for the next phases.

Step 3: interconnection with daily business

• Organised by client: business challenge in connection with the content of the seminar (step 2)

Step 4: Propagation to middle-management

• Seminar day for several groups of 100 operational managers each, and a group of support fonctions

• Design and facilitation of a specific version of the main themes

• Preparation of top managers for their roles as co-managers

• Co-facilitation by the team of 5 coaches and by top managers who attended the prior steps

Step 5: Cascading down

• Two hours experiential keynote to different departments, inserted in seminars organised by their managers who had attended the previous steps.


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