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Collective intelligence

We believe that collective intelligence is as important to successful businesses as is technical expertise, as it improves creativity, innovation, motivation and performance. Collective intelligence is all the more important in a changing world where traditional ways to do business and lead are vanishing.


Collective intelligence has become a buzzword and it is often used to re-label old team-building settings. At HUB Consulting, we have developped specific experiences and methodologies that help raise teams' awareness of their own dynamics and improve the way they perform. Using our library of experiencial "bricks" we taylor workshops and engineer programs that meet your specific challenges.



We coach and train top executives and their teams to develop their leadership.


Although recent discoveries in leadership from neuro-sciences and cognitive psychology are becoming more widely shared in the corporate world, many managers continually partake in ineffective practices.


Our original cross-fields and experimental approach fosters shifts in perception that lead to effective changes in behaviors. We obtain such results by focusing on the leader's posture and supporting their personal growth. The process is intertwined with training on specific leadership skills that contribute to changing the relational paradigm of leadership. 


Interventions often include building a vision, communication, motivation, influence, complex decision-making, change management, matrix leadership and collective leadership.



We engineer workshops, offer opening lectures, and train individuals and groups on creative processes and techniques.

We facilitate steering committees, project meetings and seminars.

We offer training and consult on creative problem solving.

Most importantly, we foster creative spirit within each organisation, as we know that creativity results primarily from state of mind, and only then from good techniques.


Ask us for our unique mix of traditional approches and methods coming from the latest developments from neuro-sciences.

Change Management


Change cannot be imposed by decree. One cannot be successful simply by telling people to be motivated, especially if they are reluctant to the change.


In our programs we talk little about change but we fully experience it. We have a clear grasp on the viewpoints and emotions of all stakeholders, then ensure that new and productive dynamics develop between actors. We have created a unique multi-leverage method that has proven very efficient.


Our interventions often include upstream and ongoing consulting, engineering of events and trainings that foster change, individual and collective coaching of key actors within the organisation, and consulting in communication.

Intercultural Management


Business today is based on a global market. We consistently observe companies with intercultural training coming out on top, as they possess the resources to create more sustainable business relationship and avoid cultural misunderstandings.


In our coaching and training programs we provide participants with a deep understanding of key cultural factors below the surface, explaining differences in simple behaviours. We train clients to spot subtle customs, switching their mindset to other cultures and communicating efficiently and effectively.



We coach and train top executives to speak and listen as leaders. We also train individuals and teams for high stake public speaking.


Our media-coaching and training sessions are always taylor-made. They are based on a unique mix of leverages such as techniques for public speaking, non verbal communication, creating impactful messages, rhetoric, emotional and relational intelligence, self confidence, and fine tuning one's posture. They include technical exercices, soft role plays, video rehearsals, individual and collective coaching. 

Our goal is that top executives not only become more impactful speakers and leaders but also that they find public speaking pleasant and thriving.

Collective intelligence - Hub Consulting
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