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Our team members have a broad and deep experience in coaching, training, facilitating and consulting worldwide for international audiences. Most of our team members are entrepreneurs, and prior to working at HUB Consulting, all members had experience in the corporate world as top managers, teams leaders, and change agents within large corporations. 
Our team of independent coaches, containing a wide array of expertise and personalities, has a long track record of co-engineering and co-facilitating, showing excellent leadership in collective intelligence.
Michaël Ameye

Michaël Ameye

Michaël specializes in collective intelligence and leadership development within specific teams and projects, transversal process management, and change management.  He is passionate about pedagogy and action learning.


Previously, he worked as a sales engineer and a technical consultant for chemical and power generation industries, selling and implementing projects (Solvay, Dow Corning, Azko Nobel, Tractebel / Electrabel).


He holds a master degree in chemical industry and postgraduate in pedagogy and consultancy. Michaël is trained in transactional analysis, systemic analysis of organizations, Gestalt and MBTI. He is a Certified Master Practitioner, coach, consultant and trainer, from NLP University of Santa Cruz by Robert Dilts. He also practices Aïkido at 5 DAN level. He is author of 'La boussole de l'Intelligence Collective'.


Michaël is based in Brussels and speaks fluent French, English and Dutch.

Antoine Bebe

Antoine Bebe is an executive coach, keynote speaker and trainer in relational intelligence, leadership, and change management. He founded HUB Consulting in 1999.


Prior to HUB Consulting, he developed cross expertise in a number of fields. He started in communications as production manager. For five years he acted as Financial Director of the Marketing Services branch of RSCG (major communication group), and then became Creative Director within a PUBLICIS subsidiary specializing in video, multimedia and events.

He has taught management for 12 years at ESTP (French Engineer School) and currently facilitates a seminar in leadership at Ecole Polytechnique.

Antoine graduated from ESCP business school in Paris, studied Communication at UCLA and trained in Transactional Analysis (level AT3-ATORG). He has been certified as master practitioner, coach and modeler, as well as trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Robert Dilts and Judith de Lozier (NLPU, Santa Cruz, USA). He also holds a certification in Generative coaching from Stephan Gilligan and Robert Dilts. Antoine has expertise in leadership questionnaires such as Hogan, Leadership Agility 360


Based in Paris, he intervenes worldwide and speaks both English and French.

Pierre Cohen-Tanugi

Pierre is executive coach, mentor and trainer.


He accompanies executive managers in improving relational performances when founding new projects, making decisions under pressure, facing change and adversities, and in preparing for high stake communications and negotiations.


Pierre worked his way from project manager to top executive in the fields of distribution and communication (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Publicis). After this he launched his own consulting agency in marketing  and communication. His peers have elected him at the Marketing Hall of Fame in the US.


Pierre Graduated from HEC business school, and from La Sorbonne in literature. He trained in coaching at Mediat-coaching and is a certified NLP practitioner.


He is based in Paris and intervenes both in English and French.

Pascale Corbi

Pascale is executive coach who specializes in individual and collective change as well as psychosocial risk factors at work.


Her background is in the industry (methods and product engineering) and IT services (implementation of information systems and consulting in organization).

Pascal holds a degree in engineering from CESI (France). She has trained in interactional dynamics at the Palo Alto MRI in Brussels, coaching, solution-oriented intervention, Transactional Analysis and system dynamics.


Pascal works in French.

Anna Galotti

Anna is an executive coach, organisational consultant, and collective energy catalyst. She is certified coach and assessor at International Coach Federation (ICF) with 20 years of experience as an executive coach, organisational consultant and facilitator. Her specialty is in coaching international executives and developing organisational change projects.

She works with leaders, teams, and organisations to better manage the complexities of institutional change and transformation, including resistance and conflicting viewpoints.


Anna Gallotti is co-author with Maryvonne Lorenzen of 'Make the Right Choice' and one of the 15 Master-Coaches who wrote 'The art and practice of professional coaching'.

Anna has a solid international profile, sharing her time between New York, Paris and Milan. She facilitates in English, French, and Italian.

Dr. Edy Greenblatt

Edy is an international seasoned executive & entrepreneur coach.

She started her career as Dance Ethnologist and Master Teacher for 18 years, then joined McKinsey as organisation Practise Specialist & External Consultant and Trainer for 8 years.

She has been Founding Fellow at the Institute of Coaching - Mc Lean/Harvard Medical School and she is currently Visiting Fellow, lecture & Executive Coach at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

She is author of the best seller “Restore Yourself”, winner of the 2009 Indie Book Award for Best Careers Book, and declared top 10 business and Health and Wellness Book of the Year.

She holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology and a Ph.D in Organizational Behavior from Harvard University as well as an M.A in Dance Ethology from UCLA. She is certified coach from ICF, PCC, and Senior Stakeholder Centered Behavioral executive coach from Marshall Goldsmith. She was recently selected as one of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches.

She shares her time between Tel Aviv, Santa Monica and Toronto, and  intervenes in English.

Anne Juvanteny

Anne is an executive coach, consultant and facilitator in change management.


She specializes in sytem dynamics for organisations and families. She accompanies both major companies and small businesses teams through mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations and changes.


Her background is in management and consulting (KPMG Peat Marwick & Arthur Andersen).


She holds a degree in Business Administration from EDHEC (France), a Master in Clinical Psychology, and is certified coach from Mediat-coaching. Anne is also author of a book on Family enterprises:

" Travailler en famille avec plaisir - Bien vivre et réussir sa carrière en entreprise familiale." published in 2016 by Intereditions.


She is based in Aix en Provence and intervenes both in English and French.

Dr. Viola Kaltefleiter

Viola is an executive coach and trainer specialized in leadership, mindset change, communication skills, conflict resolution, and problem solving and she coaches. She designs and delivers executive training programs and workshops and coaches senior executives for global clients. 


Prior to her coaching practice, she worked in strategy consulting for 8 years with SDG  (Strategic Decisions Group) in the US and with McKinsey in Hamburg. 


Viola holds a doctorate in Economics from the University of Mannheim with focus on public choice theory and organisational behaviour. She was a research scholar at the Economics Department at Stanford University and later a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Engineering Economic Systems at Stanford University where she worked in the area of decision analysis. She is also certified coach (CTI).

She is based in Hambourg and intervenes worldwide in English and German.

Daniel Lacombe

Daniel is an executive coach, keynote speaker and trainer. 


He contributes to changing social relations between persons by designing meaningful experiences and facilitating their implementation.


He holds a Master of Science from the University of Montreal and an MBA from the University of Sherbrooke (Canada)


He shares his time between Montreal and Paris and intervenes both in English and French.

Philippe Leonard

Philippe is executive and team coach.  He specializes in vertical development, personal transformation, organisational changes, breakthrough thinking, authentic leadership and team collaboration.


He has accompanied individuals, teams and organisations from 30 different nationalities on 5 continents in many different sectors.


Philippe holds a Bachelor of Science from EPHEC (Belgium) with a specialization in management, marketing, and communication.  He also holds several certifications in coaching (Newfield Ontological Coaching, Generative Coaching). He is Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Mentor Coach affiliated at the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In addition, Philippe is master practitioner and trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming, and is a qualified practitioner for several development tools such as Barrett Cultural Transformation, Workplace Big 5, Conflict Dynamics Profile, Life Style Inventory.


He is based in Brussels and intervenes in English and French.

Catherine Letalenet

Catherine is executive coach, specialized in leadership development, project management and and collective performance.


Her background is in marketing. Catherine began at Danone and Hachette then joined Young & Rubicam as consultant for Bahlsen, Colgate, Lancôme, Lego, Lindt, Moulinex, Nestlé... She later joined Kodak where she held several positions in marketing from Marketing manager to Marketing Director for France and Benelux.

Catherine graduated from ESCP business school in Paris and holds an executive MBA from HEC. She is a certified coach by Vincent Lenhardt and has also trained in Transactional Analysis, Process Com and FIRO B (Human Element from W. Shultz).


She intervenes in French and English.

Laurence Levêque

Laurence is a coach and consultant. She is specialized in horizontal, multi-functional and cross-cultural teams as well as interpersonal communication.

Laurence previously worked at Collège de Polytechnique to develop programs in leadership for corporate executives. She has more than 15 years of experience in managing and coaching international project teams and managing product innovation in the food and packaging industries (Nestlé; Tetra Pak).


Laurence holds a master in Engineering (Ecole Centrale Paris) and has trained in Transactional Analysis. She also holds several certifications in coaching including somatic coaching®, Generative Coaching, practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming.


She shares her time between Brussels and Paris and intervenes in French and English.

Myriam Perignon

Myriam is executive coach and group facilitator.


She has managed and coached professionals and postgraduates representing 70+ nationalities for over two decades.  Her career includes five years as Director of the INSEAD MBA programme in Europe and Asia, followed by two years as Director of Academic Affairs. Prior to working in higher education she held staff positions for major firms in industry and financial services.


Myriam holds an MBA from Simmons College, Boston and a Master in intercultural management from Université Paris-Dauphine. She also holds several certifications in coaching including Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD and Coach and Team® from Transformance. She is practitioner in NeuroLinguistic programming, and has also trained in Carl Roger's active listening. Myriam has expertise in assessment tools such as 360° feedback instruments and personality type and preference style tests like MBTI, NEO-PI, HBDI, Insights or Predictive Index.


Myriam is based in France and intervenes worldwide. She coaches in English and French.

Didier Rondel

Didier is executive coach, trainer and consultant specializing in managerial performance, time management and self confidence.


He has worked 20 years as project manager and director of business unit.


He graduated from INSEEC Bordeaux business school, and holds a Master in Advanced Information Systems (SIA) from ESC Toulouse. He is certified therapist, specializing in "body and emotions", as well as certified coach by François Délivré and accredited TMS (Team Management System), TLP (Talents & Learning and Practice) and Process Communciation Model ©. Didier was also trained in Transactional Analysis and audit of organisations by Gilles Pellerin.


He is based in Paris and intervenes in French.

Nadine Sciacca

Nadine is a coach, trainer and keynote speaker on all aspects of individual and collective performance. As business mediator, she is also specialist in conflict resolution in the workplace.

After 12 years as Director of communications in healthcare and biotechnology, she accompanied management committees for better social performance of their organisations.  Nadine has also trained thousands of managers in developping their managerial skills.

Nadine graduated in political sciences (Sciences-Po Paris). She holds an MBA from ESCP, a Master Degree (DESS) in communication from CELSA and a postgraduate degree in mediation from ICP. She has also trained for five years in the systemic approach of problem solving (Palo Alto School).

Nadine is author of "How to make good decisions," co-author of "How to Make Our Emotions Our Best Allies" and "I Chose Positive Education", published by Marabout.


She is based in Paris and intervenes in French and English.

Robbie Steinhouse

Robbie is the director of the Coaching Consultancy in London, providing executive coaching and training internationally.


Robbie is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC)® with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and an NLP University Certified Trainer and Consultant. He graduated in Mathematics and Business.


Robbie's background in sales, computer programming and as an entrepreneur provides him with a combination of skills  and a unique outlook which he utilises as an executive coach. He started his career working for companies ranging from NCR, Mitsubishi and Deutsche Bank before founding the property and insurance company Gray's Inn Estates.


Robbie is author of several successful books: ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur - Your Psychological Toolkit for Success’, ‘Brilliant Decision Making’, 'How to Coach with NLP', 'Mindful Business Leadership'.


He is based in London and intervenes worldwide in English.

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