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Our mission

We believe that professional and personal development is key for more sustainable profitability and more human enterprises. We also believe that empowered people are more motivated, innovative and effective.


Our mission is to coach individuals and teams in moving forward on their own development path, and we directly draw out people's best talents for greater human-oriented organisational performance.

Who we are

Founded in 1999 by Antoine Bebe, the HUB is a network of international coaches, trainers, facilitators who intervene worldwide, with English and French as working languages. The HUB is a place where ideas, cultures and skills converge and interconnect. In addition to gathering a wide array of expertise and personalities, HUB's facilitating & coaching teams have demonstrated experience in co-engineering, co-facilitating, and acting as role models for collective intelligence. 

What we do

We elicit the hidden cognitive and behavioural strategies of highly successful people and teams within your organisation. We propagate change and performance. Our main clusters of expertise are:

  • Change management

  • Leadership & Talent development

  • Collective intelligence & Team-building

  • Creativity & Communication


Our most frequent interventions are:

  • Modelling high performance people

  • Consulting & Engineering programs

  • Facilitating trainings, seminars, workshops, and events

  • Individual coaching, co-development, collective coaching and team coaching

  • Team building


Why work with us


  • We create unique experiences for participants that foster personal and professional change.

  • We succeed in leveraging both people's development and performance.

  • As a multicultural team with extensive experience, we knowledgeably partner with international audiences.

  • All our programs are tailor-made for each individual corporate culture, stakes and goals. We provide a unique mix of levers from management, creativity, communication and cognitive psychology. The tools that we have developped have met worldwide recognition.

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